Our Values, Our Mission, Our Story

VTW Values

Vic Tesolin Woodworks is first and foremost be about education, inspiration, and a passion for woodworking. Vic loves teaching and encouraging more and more people to work with their hands, be creative, and give woodworking a try.

Over the years, Vic has come to enjoy using certain tools and products in his woodworking and while teaching. People have asked where to get these items, and sometimes run into barriers such as shipping costs, taxes, tariffs, and just availability. The focus of adding more to the VTW stores is about making the products that Vic likes and uses every day more accessible to you. In being a small business, this also means that customer service can be more personal, geared towards your needs, and done to a standard that Vic personally expects.

VTW Mission

We are here to help make woodworking an inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable thing. There's room for everyone. Our differences are our strength, and we are stronger together and supporting each other. We are an inclusive and safe space that embraces everyone regardless of race, religion, age, ethnicity, education background, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, appearance, or veteran status. There's also room for everything. Hand tools, power machines, or both. So whether this is a hobby, or something you do to earn a living, working wood is meant to be fun and rewarding.

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VTW Story

Over the past two decades, VTW has grow into what it is today. From a small side-hustle to a full-time thing.

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VTW Team

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