The Minimalist Woodworker is about making woodworking simple: from the tools and the workspace, to the easy-to-follow instructions. It eliminates any fears as it demystifies the craft. This book is all about a stress-free approach to woodworking. It begins with an understanding of the minimalist mindset and quickly details how to make a small space productive while outlining the most efficient tools for a woodworker. Each piece of equipment is explained and techniques and instructions for keeping each piece sharp and well-maintained are provided.

Six useful project builds are covered in the first book using step-by-step photos detailing the process: a saw bench and matching saw horse; a Nicholson-style workbench; a shooting board/bench hook; a shop mallet; and a small hanging cabinet. Each project not only develops woodworking skills, but also outfits a small shop.

Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker teaches the basics of furniture making. As a follow-up the first book, it is a celebration of the small tool set needed to create beautiful work and an expansion of the techniques and skills learned in the first book.

These books act like a seasoned woodworker lending a helping hand in the workshop. It also demystifies the craft of woodworking so that anyone with any skill level can dive in and do good work.