Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker - SIGNED COPY
Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker - SIGNED COPY

Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker - SIGNED COPY

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Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker teaches the basics of furniture making using step-by-step photos detailing the process of building handsome projects any woodworker will be proud to create.

A follow-up to Vic's first book, this book is a celebration of the small tool set needed to create beautiful work and an expansion of the techniques and skills learned in the first book. This books acts like a seasoned woodworker lending a helping hand in the workshop. It also demystifies the craft of woodworking so that anyone with any skill level can dive in and do good work.

With Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker and even a modest toolset, anyone can develop their skills and enjoy unlimited hours in their shop.

You'll learn to build a variety to pieces including a handsome dovetailed box, a wall cabinet, a storage chest, and handy shop projects like a hand plane and a marking knife.


Please Note:

OOPS! Mistakes happen in woodworking and in books.

VIOLIN MARKING KNIFE: In the book, Vic demonstrates with a 1/4” blade, however on page 12 the code for the Hock Blade is for a 1/2” blade. The design can be modified to use a larger blade, but if you want to make the knife that is in the book, be sure to get a 1/4” blade.

PERCH STOOL: On page 58, the length for the seat stretcher is 12-3/4”. The correct length is 14-1/4”.