2” Smoothing Plane Blade

2” Smoothing Plane Blade

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Vic has been using Hock blades in his wooden planes for many years and wouldn’t have it any other way. These blades were designed specifically for Krenov-style planes made by the man himself.

Normally these blades come with a chip breaker, but the pull plane that is featured in Projects from the Minimalist Woodworker doesn’t need one. So, Vic spoke to Mr. Ron Hock and he shipped us a bunch of blades without chip breakers! That saves you a bit of cash and eliminates the head scratching over what to do with the leftover chip breaker.

These blades are high carbon steel and come with a 30° primary bevel and at 3/16” thick, you won’t have to worry about chatter.

The details:

  • 2" wide x 3-1/2” long x 3/16” thick
  • 30° primary bevel
  • High carbon steel

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